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Our Curriculum

Our progressive and humanistic education molds children to become responsible, competent,
and value-laden


What do parents have to say about the child care trademark that's uniquely LTLCC? Read our testimonials page.

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8515 S Stony Island Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60617

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Phone : 773-221-2121
Fax :     773-221-2124
Email: linkstolearning@att.net

Welcome toLinks To Learning Child Care

At Links to Learning Child Care, we are committed to Standing Up Collectively for Children’s Education and Showing Support. It is an inclusive, high quality organization that has been in operation since November 2009 and cares for children ages six weeks to six years. Links to Learning provides children and families with affordable and accessible child care as well as a protective environment. Links to Learning makes a concerted effort to provide children with a solid foundation towards a successful academic journey in their future learning.

The child care center combines unparalleled child care services with an age appropriate exploratory and interactive curriculum designed to meet the individual developmental needs of the children. Links To Learning Child Care is a necessary first link to children’s future development due to the greater need for child care services and a higher standard of education in the fast paced ever changing society we live in today.

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