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About Us

thumb imagesLinks To Learning Child Care is one of the trusted child care providers in the state of Illinois. We are a licensed and certified provider, offering a full spectrum of developmentally-appropriate child care programs.


At Links to Learning Child Care, we are committed to Standing Up Collectively for Children’s Education and Showing Support. We have love and respect for children and their families, empathy, compassion, sensitivity, combined with an exciting educational experience for the children in a small, warm, caring and inviting setting.


Links to Learning Child Care aims to provide children with a solid foundation towards a successful academic journey in their future learning. We combine unparalleled childcare service with a state of the art curriculum designed to enhance children’s physical social, emotional, and intellectual development.


Links to Learning Child Care provides children with a foundation for future learning in a safe, appropriate, healthy and nurturing environment that helps children grow, discover, and learn by doing through a variety of age and developmental appropriate lessons and activities. We respect and understand that each child is an individual with different needs and learn at a different pace. Our goal is to meet the social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs that are unique to each individual. We make children the center of learning to reach their fullest potential.

Children are exposed to computers, reading, writing, music, movement, art, science, dramatic play, sensory, life skills, outdoor play and manipulative experiences.  A daily schedule helps to provide a routine to each day. It balances quiet and active play with child and teacher directed activities within various learning stations. We achieve these goals through the shared partnership of the child, parents/families, staff and community.


The Links To Learning Child Care approach to learning is based on a holistic method targeting the full development of a child – physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally. In pursuit for these goals, we commit ourselves to:

  • Design varied activities that stimulate the children’s unique interests
  • Foster value clarification and development through group and cooperative play
  • Develop social growth via socially-oriented exercises
  • Forge cognitive development with mental competencies at an early age
  • Promote physical fitness
  • Provide an environment of care and compassion where children feel loved and cared for
  • Encourage parental involvement in the creation of policies

We always find ways to accommodate every child’s individual learning styles and learning preferences. Diversity is taken as an opportunity to enrich their experiences and positive social bearing, thus, we look for ways to strengthen them using differentiated learning opportunities and educational stimuli.

Everyday offers a new and exciting set of experiences your child will look forward to. We engage our children in a wealth of sensorial activities, cognitive exercises, and fun play and games. Various learning resources such as books, building blocks, coloring materials and many more are available to support instruction and stimulate the children’s interest while catering to each multiple intelligence. Outdoor play is located on the premises where children make the best of their childhood and develop the value of trust through forming their first circle of friends.


Links To Learning Child Care places great significance to the role played by parents in the success of their children. Hence why in the making of policies and schemes for school improvement, we always seek and consider what every parent has to say about every concern to arrive at solutions that benefit the consensus. At Links To Learning Child Care, both parent/guardian and child are at the receiving end of the best child care advantages.

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